2013…Happy New Year!

happy-new-year-2013-best-wishesHappy New Year to you all.  May this year bring you all you ever desire and the ability to receive it all.  There are varying thoughts about what the ’13’ means and what one can expect.  I hope it will be to us what we would like it to be and more.

I don’t have a New year’s resolution per say, what I do need going forward is to live a surrendered life.  A life where I let go of my selfish tendencies and live well with everyone.  I have alot of dreams and aspirations and as such I have a lot of work to do.  This may not be easy for me but I am determined to do my best.  I don’t want to live another day trying to please people and focus on what they think about what I do or say.  This is crippling who I am and I have to break away from it all.  So for the people who I will disappoint this year please accept my apology for it and please find it in your heart to forgive me and love me for who I am.

Coming out of the holiday,  I got alot done and visited and spent time with my loved ones.  Unfortunately or fortunately school for me begins this week and I am still in holiday mode.  I hope to snap out of it because my first module is but 2 weeks long and before I know it I will be on a break again.  I will, however, have an assignment to complete after classes end but I wont have to be travelling.  I do like how things are moving fast with the programme.  God’s will I hope to complete by December of this year.

As I plunge into my daily tasks for 2013, I will try to let God have a greater input in my decisions and also guide my every doing.

I look forward to a blessed year.


What About My Will?

As I was reading one of my daily reading from GoTandem it got me thinking.  It speaks to times when we pray for help or for God to do something miraculous but then go on to tell God to let his will be done.

She said when we do that, we pray in fear and not in faith.  It is like putting a disclaimer just in case we don’t get what we pray for we will feel better in knowing it may have been God’s will and not ours.

The bible tells us to pray the will of God in our lives and when we pray we should believe we are praying according to his will.  We should be cognizant of our motive for saying that phrase.  We should try to answer these questions.  Is it because we are not confident we will get what we ask for?  Is it that we believe we are praying the will of God?

Let us not pray in fear but in faith.